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Nanjing farmer mountain spring, pure water, Xuanwu District quick water delivery division; my division is to join the sharing model to serve the old and new customers, the service network has begun to cover the various districts and streets of Xuanwu District, and many of them have joined the water station. Now the main force is to distribute the basalt area and join the water supply station; Nanjing Xinjiekou The pure water supply station, the water supply station around the central road, the pure water supply point around the barn street, the farmer mountain spring small bottle drinking water point, the farmer mountain spring barreled water supply station on the Changjiang Road, the Zhujianglu Road pure water supply station, wherever you are, we can quickly get the most qualified and safest bucket. Put water to your house. Distribution brands are: 179 bottled drinking water, farmer's mountain spring barreled water, falling in love with his tea water, ice dew barreled water, new Reed, the first world and so on, and distribution of drinking water machines, water press, household water purifier, commercial open water furnace and other drinking water equipment. My branch has all kinds of certificates, fast service and standardized service. In 2017, the division will focus on the rapid water delivery service provided by the telephone booking within 2 hours. The company adopts digital management, professional computer water reservation system, and can accurately record and record customers' previous water reservation details, so that you can make water reservation more convenient. Our company has always insisted on "providing safe and hygienic and qualified drinking water products for the users", and striving for the actual action and sincere feelings to win the approval of our customers. Welcome new and old customers to choose our own drinking water brand, or telephone consultation order.



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